Don’t go to church to get fed.

Go to church to get hungry. Don’t go to church to get fed? People say this sounds unbiblical. Didn’t Jesus tell Peter, “Feed my sheep”? That’s the point. We first hear this idea in Ezekiel 34 where God was speaking “against the shepherds of Israel” who failed to feed the sheep and instead fed themselves: “TheContinue reading “Don’t go to church to get fed.”

Some things are worth fighting for.

Some things are worth fighting for. And some things are not. So distinguish between levels of certainty. This will help you differentiate between what is essential and what is controversial. Some things are worth dying for. Some are worth dividing for. Some things are worth debating for. Some are only worthy of deciding for. BeContinue reading “Some things are worth fighting for.”

This man eats with sinners

“This man eats with sinners.” That was the accusation against Jesus. Because meals have a way of communicating. There’s something about a dinner that puts a person in their place. How fascinating that one of the tools the Pharisees used to put people in their place was to refuse table fellowship. Sharing a meal meant anContinue reading “This man eats with sinners”

You are welcome

“You are welcome.” Those precious words communicated perfectly my experience in the West African country of Ghana. As an American I am accustomed to traveling to places where it’s clear that I’m not exactly welcome. But not in Ghana. With smiles on their faces and invitations in their hearts, it was a wonderful feeling andContinue reading “You are welcome”

It takes a village to connect the dots.

Christians have to get better at communication. We are sense-making creatures, and in the absence of good communication we connect the dots for ourselves. The problem is, ever since the Fall we humans have been pitiful dot-connectors. So communicate. It saddens me to think about relationships that never start because Christian guys don’t choose toContinue reading “It takes a village to connect the dots.”