Protesters & Protestants

I wish every breathing American would go read the Letter From A Birmingham Jail again. The relevance is uncanny. As I keep reading the arguments about all the looting and marching, I remind myself that I am a Protestant. I come from a tribe of protesters. I have always looked back on the 1950s andContinue reading “Protesters & Protestants”

Racial Justice Reading List

Serious times. More than a few white people have asked me for a racial justice reading list over the past few weeks. Part of this is because they have seen me speak out; part of this is because their black friends are exhausted. Before I give you the list, you should know that the BibleContinue reading “Racial Justice Reading List”

The Problem With Ignoring George Floyd

“I can’t breathe.” How many times will we have to hear those words? The cries of George Floyd fell on deaf ears and you have to wonder where our culture is heading. Some thoughts: If the Church doesn’t provide a voice of justice from heaven, there is always an enemy speaking a substitute from hell.Continue reading “The Problem With Ignoring George Floyd”

The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Hey Jesus-followers. Don’t call yourself pro-life if you’re not crying out for justice right now.   My heart is grieving for the family of Ahmaud Arbery. 25-years old. Jogging down a street in a free country. Gunned down in broad daylight. I hear my brothers and sisters of color describing their fear and rage and confusionContinue reading “The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery”

When should churches open their doors?

The country looks like it is about to open up. What does this mean for churches?  Here are some of my questions. Are we clear about what “church” is? (Hint: It’s not a Christian concert plus a TED talk.) If we were starting from scratch, what would we do? What is essential? What is fluff? WhatContinue reading “When should churches open their doors?”

7 Things to Know About Pentecost Sunday

Everybody observes holidays. You will not find a people anywhere who do not have unique days of celebration and remembrance. We got this tendency from our Maker. It is significant to note that the living God instituted seven holidays (holy days). These are called “the feasts of the Lord.” This phrase makes it clear thatContinue reading “7 Things to Know About Pentecost Sunday”

Letter From A Birmingham Jail

Incredible. It is as relevant as ever. On April 12, 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. produced one of the great pieces of literature composed on U.S. soil. Locked up in Birmingham jail, with nothing but a pen and the margins of a local newspaper, Dr. King proceeded to respond to the supposed call to unityContinue reading “Letter From A Birmingham Jail”

Why Bother Fasting?

Why should I consider ignoring a growling stomach, bypassing entertainment, and denying myself of the legitimate need of nourishment? Because the discipline of fasting can do what nothing else will do in your life. Simply defined, fasting is the voluntary abstaining from food for higher purposes. It is a potent way to forego lower pleasuresContinue reading “Why Bother Fasting?”