About Mike Patz

Disciple of Jesus. Husband of one. Father of eight. Lead pastor of the Greenhouse Church. Born in Cincinnati, raised in St. Petersburg, rooted in Gainesville. Florida Gator. Love the Gospel. Hate my pride. Amazed with grace. Passionate about people, disciples, justice, and nations. Deeply interested in leadership, cultures, languages, and communication. Probably too interested in sports and chocolate.

8 thoughts on “About Mike Patz

  1. Pastor Mike, I so enjoyed your sermon Sunday. My son Trey has been attending your church for some time. It was nice to put the faces with the great news he shares with me. I have already been able to share your message with two people who were experiencing difficulties in these very areas. Isn’t it great how God works through us! God bless you!

  2. Pastor Mike, I’ve been attending Greenhouse for several months now. My wife and I have connected in many ways, and God is working in our lives. I’d like to speak to you via email or in person regarding some questions I have.

  3. I am so encouraged when I hear you share about being raised by a single mom..I am walking that path..I have a 15 year old son..any words or prayers would be loved.

  4. I met a guy on the beach who mentioned your church today. I found Greenhouse’s website, then your blog, and I thought you’d be encouraged to hear about it. I’m on staff with Cru, and I’m currently in Clearwater on a summer project with about 40 students from all over the nation. Today was our first day of corporate evangelism where we went out onto the beach conducting surveys in order to get into spiritual conversations with folks. One of the guys I talked to was a physical therapy student at UF. One of the questions on our survey is “What happens after death?” His answer was something like this, “You know, it’s actually funny you’re talking to me about this because I recently went to a church called the Greenhouse where they had a series about heaven, and ever since I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven and how I want to get there.” Although he believed his good works would get him there, he wanted to hear what I believed and recognized he could only be saved by grace. He wanted to trust Christ and give Him control of His life! It was such a sweet answer to prayer this morning as I asked the Lord to send me to someone whom He has already prepared. It was great to partner with you (1 Cor 3:6) like that!

  5. I’d love to hear mote about your conversion story, how you came to know Christ, and when you were saved 🙂

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