Hurricane Hysteria

All eyes are glued on Irma.

There’s nothing quite like walking through the water bottle aisle during a hurricane threat. People who have lived on coffee and sodas for years suddenly become obsessed with H2O. Hysteria.

I get it. I have eight children. I have a family to protect. And I am tempted to go check the weather reports every 10 minutes like the rest of the world.

But it doesn’t work.

God made us for peace – even during a hurricane season. We’re not wired to thrive in the hysteria of anxiety, fear, and doom. Don’t get me wrong, an adrenaline rush of fear just might save your backside from an approaching lion, or tiger, or bear. But we humans have proven that we don’t quite know when to say when to our anxiety. And we don’t process information very well through this emotion. That’s where Jesus comes in.

Christians don’t deny danger; we just go to God first. Because whatever you meditate on, you magnify. And whatever you magnify will move you. So if you spend the majority of your waking day meditating on the weather report, you will magnify the weather. And the weather will move your heart – for better or worse. But if you find a way to do what David suggested –  meditate on God’s word day and night – then you will discover what David promised: blessing. Peace. Strength. (Read Psalm 1.) Imagine what would happen if kids saw parents who turned to the promises of God as often as they turned to the latest update on a hurricane named Irma. Imagine what would happen if the state of Florida watched people so controlled by God’s peace that they were freed to serve and share and help. Because we know God has our back.

Followers of Jesus do not act like threats are not real; we just look at those threats in the light of God’s hope, not the darkness of human fear.

I just came out of a conference call with the emergency staff of our county. The reports from the National Hurricane Center are alarming. There are very real measures to take. Shelters are filling up, streets need to be cleared, preparations need to be made. Cell phones need to be charged, valuables made watertight, and houses secured. Do it.

But do it in hope. Paul told the Thessalonians that on one hand we are just like everybody else: we grieve. Yet when we grieve we do NOT do it just like everybody else; we do it in hope. When we buy our bread, we do it in hope. When we line up for gas, we do it in hope. And when we look at the weather report, we do it in hope. And just maybe, we can shine in such a way that onlookers ask for a reason for the hope inside of us.

Because we have a Shepherd. He is sovereign. And we are not orphans.

Eyes on Jesus.


3 words I’m using to respond to this hurricane.



Published by Mike Patz


13 thoughts on “Hurricane Hysteria

  1. I came across this across by googling “hurricane hysteria”. I thought, I can’t be the only Floridian who just wasn’t buying the hype. For some reason, a natural disaster killing mankind in this age didn’t make sense to me. Then I saw a perfect rainbow while driving from Sarasota. There it was: the reason I wasn’t glued to the weather channel or responsive to govt officials mandating evacuations. God already took care of this. We were promised and even given a sign to remind us of the promise that God would never drown mankind out again. I guess that’s what true faith feels like.

  2. Thanks, Pastor Mike.

    I’m meditating on these three words: Sovereign, Refuge, and Peace. Sovereign because God created this storm and everything about it has passed through His hands. He knows the path it will take, who will be affected, and whose faith will be strengthened as we endure this storm. Refuge because as long as we seek our refuge in Him, He is faithful to protect us because God ALWAYS protects His people. Finally, as the words of sovereign and refuge pass over and through me, I am left with the peace that surpasses all understanding. I trust that His thoughts are better than mine and His ways are higher than mine.

    We are all under His covenant of protection. I will continue to lean on Him during this storm and every other. He hears my cries, catches my tears, and answers my prayers. Thank you, Jesus.

  3. What an awesome message of hope and assurance. It would be so nice if everyone could hear this. Thank you for it, I am not in the path of this storm, I am in western Arkansas, but my “storm” may come at another time or in another form and so I just want to thank you for these words. God’s Richest Blessings to you and to your family.

  4. Bless you! I will be forwarding the powerful message. During this entire time I have felt the LORD speaking prepare but keep your eyes above where my help comes from. I will be sharing your email with Family and Friends. Looking at my JESUS!

  5. Amen agreed! Eyes on Jesus – walk in His presence – speak to Irma command her off to the East – don’t worry but change your fear, worry, anxiety into a focus on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and stand in God’s power and see his victory !

    Place angels all around for protection and release them to battle the winds – pray in tongues – Holy Spirit praying through Us can do more than we know!

    God bless

    Rusty Sent from my iPhone


  6. Thanks Pastor Mike our Tribe loves you and pray for safety of all The Body of Christ The thought of OH I dont have facebook or cell phone service could stop a lot of peoples hearts We must keep our eyes on Jesus and lean not to our own understanding… will see you soon… In His Agape’ Love Ginny and the Tribe

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