I don’t want to be a white Christian.

I don’t want to be a white Christian. And I don’t want you to be a black Christian. Or an Hispanic Christian. Or a Chinese Christian. Or an Indian Christian. At least grammatically. Because when I say white Christian I place my race in the position of an adjective, and it’s the job of an adjective to modify aContinue reading “I don’t want to be a white Christian.”

A white Christian’s reflections on Trayvon Martin

1. White America still doesn’t get it. Please forgive the obvious overgeneralization, but some version of this sentence needs to be wrestled with. There are many points to be made in the aftermath of the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy, but I’m not sure we’re even ready for that dialogue if we can’t first acknowledge this painful fact. For manyContinue reading “A white Christian’s reflections on Trayvon Martin”

Rating your dating – pt3 – What about online dating?

More questions from our faith family… Is it okay to be single and NOT be sexually frustrated? I would have paid money for this while I was single. However, it’s less likely for anybody who is highly stimulated by sight. Modesty is a forgotten virtue, so even if someone starts to break free from porn,Continue reading “Rating your dating – pt3 – What about online dating?”

Rating your dating – pt2 – What questions should I be asking?

Disclaimer: these are responses to the questions from our faith family. I’ll hit a few questions each day. 1) Can you encourage godly men to be honest and clear when interested in a young woman? Hey godly men, please be honest and clear when you are interested in a young woman. Unless – that would awaken loveContinue reading “Rating your dating – pt2 – What questions should I be asking?”

Rating your dating while waiting for mating – part 1

Wow. Studying the book of Ruth certainly stirs the pot on the subject of romance. Living in a town and being in a church with more singles than marrieds has forced me to think much more deeply about the subject. My favorite string of questions so far have come from one of my favorite peopleContinue reading “Rating your dating while waiting for mating – part 1”