“Lord, teach us to pray.”

Lord, teach us to pray. (Luke 11:1) I dare you to live that prayer. I love this verse because it shows that this whole prayer thing can be learned. No one is born knowing how to be the perfect husband. Or mother. Or pray-er. You aren’t the first aspiring Jesus-follower to have a hard timeContinue reading ““Lord, teach us to pray.””

Why haven’t more of my prayers been answered?

Let’s be clear. I don’t deserve for my prayers to be answered. But Jesus took what I deserve. This is the gospel. He lived the life I should have lived and died the death I should have died. He was treated as I deserve so that I could be treated as he deserves. Jesus deservesContinue reading “Why haven’t more of my prayers been answered?”

You are in the gifted program

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a little boy who was tested for the “gifted program” in his elementary school. Ever experienced this? They take the kid into a room, give him a barrage of tests to assess his mental aptitude, and make their recommendations. My heart broke to find out the boyContinue reading “You are in the gifted program”

Playing it safe is folly

What if playing it safe is stupid? Many, many Christians are atheists unawares. These words have been ringing in my ears all day long. Regardless of what we say we believe, what do our lives reveal about our true belief? The deepest (and truest) parts of me long to pour myself out for the nameContinue reading “Playing it safe is folly”