All flesh is like grass

Here’s a quick thought to prep our hearts for this weekend. It’s awfully easy to be an expert in the trivial and stay shallow in the significant. That’s why there are men who know every team and every player and every statistic of their favorite sport but can’t ever seem to remember their wedding anniversary. Continue reading “All flesh is like grass”

Dear Church Family – from Missionary Sam and me

When I saw the number I was stunned. 125,000. That was the number of dollars in support our faith family was handing over to our beloved Missionary Sam on Sunday night for the cause of justice and rescue. At the conclusion of all the weekend services the number had topped 100K. I wish you couldContinue reading “Dear Church Family – from Missionary Sam and me”

Anonymous resurrection email

(The following is an email I just received from someone being recently resurrected by Jesus. Great advice to fresh “resurrectionaries”: develop a love affair with the Bible.) First of all, I am neither a pastor nor a professional writer. I am just like you, and am coming back from the dead. But I want toContinue reading “Anonymous resurrection email”

Discipleship Vocab: Propitiation

If you want to understand a culture, you’ll probably have to know the language. I discovered this very quickly while pursuing my Puerto Rican wife. For months I would walk into rooms where I would hear clusters of incomprehensible syllables – often including my name – and then bursts of laughter. They’re talking about me.Continue reading “Discipleship Vocab: Propitiation”

The presidential debate and the open mind

There’s nothing like a presidential debate to bring out the crazy in people. But it wasn’t the predictable political bias from all the networks that stood out to me after Wednesday’s debate.  It was a lesson I keep having to relearn about us homo sapiens: many people have no intention of changing their mind. IContinue reading “The presidential debate and the open mind”

This man eats with sinners

“This man eats with sinners.” That was the accusation against Jesus. Because meals have a way of communicating. There’s something about a dinner that puts a person in their place. How fascinating that one of the tools the Pharisees used to put people in their place was to refuse table fellowship. Sharing a meal meant anContinue reading “This man eats with sinners”

You are welcome

“You are welcome.” Those precious words communicated perfectly my experience in the West African country of Ghana. As an American I am accustomed to traveling to places where it’s clear that I’m not exactly welcome. But not in Ghana. With smiles on their faces and invitations in their hearts, it was a wonderful feeling andContinue reading “You are welcome”