Indian observations … under-promise, over-deliver

In just a few weeks we will have our beloved Indian justice-working, slave-freeing missionary Sam with us in Gainesville. To start to prepare our hearts, I thought it might be good to post my initial reaction to my trip to India back in January: India.  An under-promising, over-delivering Church. You need to know what aContinue reading “Indian observations … under-promise, over-deliver”

What I’ve been reading lately

By request, here are some of the books and magazines I’ve been reading lately. In no particular order. Movements That Change The World, Steve Addison The Dream: Martin Luther King & the Speech that Inspired a Nation, Drew Hansen Tribes, Seth Godin Our Father Abraham, Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, Marvin Wilson Pascal’s Pensees,Continue reading “What I’ve been reading lately”

Those poor killer whales

Those poor killer whales. A while back disaster struck when another trainer was killed by one of the beautiful killer whales in the famous aquatic theme park. After the tragedy people went crazy, the show was suspended, and the theme park world went solemn. But do you know what comes to my mind? Because I’veContinue reading “Those poor killer whales”

What I learned from al Qaeda on 9/11

Five hundred thousand dollars. That number blows my mind. Not because it’s so big, but because it’s so small. That’s what it cost al Qaeda to pull off the attacks of September 11, 2001. A half a million dollars to alter the mindset of a culture. A half a million dollars to inflict somewhere nearContinue reading “What I learned from al Qaeda on 9/11”

Dare you to pray this prayer

I’ve been particularly stirred by the life of John Wesley in recent weeks, and found myself praying one of his prayers this morning. Here is my modified version of it: Lord Jesus, because you have received me into your house, because you have called me your own, because you have made me your child, IContinue reading “Dare you to pray this prayer”

Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?

I wish we’d ask good questions. Here’s one: Can you really be loyal to Jesus and also be loyal to a political party? Don’t get me wrong; I’m sold on being salt of the earth. Light in the darkness. Voice for the voiceless. I love to see Christians getting involved in every sector of society.  SomeContinue reading “Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?”