I am bothered by …

I am bothered by … toxic, cheap charity that never really helps the oppressed. I am bothered by … a painfully natural church representing an untamed and supernatural God. I am bothered by … trivial answers to complex problems. I am bothered by … shallow christianity that never leads to true discipleship. I am botheredContinue reading “I am bothered by …”

Sugar-high happiness (journal excerpt)

By request, this is an excerpt I read from my journal last weekend.  Read it like I wrote it, unedited. Everybody has their native sin – something that seems to be part of who they are. Add to that a culture of self-worship, sliding standards, and personal happiness as the ultimate pursuit and we haveContinue reading “Sugar-high happiness (journal excerpt)”

The morning after Chick-fil-A day

It’s the morning after the Chick-fil-A drama and I’m still chewing. I remember the day I was sitting next to an incredibly nice gay guy, enjoying a really good conversation when he dropped the ultimate conversation-killer. “What do you do for a living?” I hate that question.  I hate that question because people can’t helpContinue reading “The morning after Chick-fil-A day”